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Sometimes called 'healing water' this energised, oxygen rich water is found naturally in only 5 places globally, Tlacote Mexico, Nordenau Germany, Nadana Village India, Yankalilla Australia and The Himalayan Mountains in China. Today this unique structured water is available to everyone through the use of natural mineral rocks, and ionizers.   FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OXYGENATED WATER CLICK HERE

There is a difference - ionizers use electricity and the use of conductivity to separate acidic and alkaline water.  The use of minerals rocks is a natural process and alkalinity is produced through the addition of alkaline minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium. 


Ionizers in Australia range from $1,000 - $6,000 and produce alkaline water through the 'electrolysis process which means passing an electrical current through water to split individual water molecules into their constituent hydrogen and oxygen.  In the electrolysis of water, water is oxidized at the anode (negative) and reduced at the cathode (positive).NOTE:   Ionizers are not suitable to be used in conjunction with reverse osmosis as the lack of minerals prevents the electrolysis process.

NATURAL ORE MINERAL ROCKS  - these are heat treated to be able to release a whole range of minerals to produce mineralised, pi-ingredientsa.jpgoxygenated alkaline water in a short period of time. 

The addition of a alkaline filter in conjunction with both portable and undersink reverse osmosis is strongly recommended as it adds important minerals, more importantly it restructures the water to make it more hydrating to be absorbed more easily into cell tissue, as well as neutralising the acidity of reverse osmosis water.  For more information go to REVERSE OSMOSIS

Puregold has chosen to incorporate a more natural means to produce alkaline water by using natural ore mineral rocks that impart alkaline minerals including Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium to the water, as well as producing a pH of 8.,5 - 9ph.  This eliminates any of the problems associated with ionizers, including heat, noise and rusting electrodes.

Puregold's range of alkaline filters include a yearly cartridge that is included in our portable  and countertop reverse osmosis  as well as a 2 yearly cartridge that is used in conjunction with our undersink reverse osmosis.  Both units contain five different mineral rocks.


Most people are aware of Elle McPherson and her image of health and fitness, much of which she contributes to a high alkaline diet based on the idea that optimal health comes from balancing the body’s pH by eating more fresh veg and fruit, as well as certain legumes, grains and nuts. . We all lead busy lives and it is not always convenient to adhere what we know is good for us.  Thankfully the availability of alkaline water, rich in oxygen and anti oxidants, can make this regime a little easier.



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