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Undersink Reverse Osmosis

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Puregold Water Filters has kept our undersink models comprehensive for specific needs as well as available space. We do not offer a number of models all doing the same thing as we appreciate the complexities of understanding the filtration process.

  •  Our DIY Kwik Twist is specifically designed for consumers who want an quick, easyand reliable cartridge change.
  •  Our Premium model is ideal for large families and requires a little more effort in cartridge maintenance.
  •  Our Compact model is designed for customers with a shelf under the sink and a limited height restriction.

FLUORIDE FREE SPARKLING WATER - This heavy duty undersink unit, automatically makes water ensuring a constant supply of pure sparkling water. Water is accessed through a separate faucet on top of the bench. 

The unit quietly and automatically produces pure water and shuts off when tank is full without wasting water. The unit comes complete with a 5 litre stainless steel storage tank for units/apartments, as well as 8 and ll litre tanks for greater supply.  All tanks incorporate a food grade bladder to store the pure water prior to use.

When required, pure water is drawn from the storage tank and receives a final polish from the Puregold chemical reduction cartridge just prior to drinking, ensuring only the best tasting, pure drinking water for your good health.

Recommended for open undersink cupboards with unlimited space.   Height requirement  42cms.H  x 35cms. L x 17cms. D.  An additional 3 - 4 cms. is required to clear housing thread.
Maintenance of this unit is simply with a cartridge spanner provided to allow easy removal of housings.  We recommend attaching to the lower part side wall allowing for access to change final post filter which is located on the top of the unit.  Recommended for areas of high sediment or old homes where rust or other particles require more regular change of sediment pre filter.   Replacement cartridges are also economical.

Highly recommended as an excellent DIY system with cartridges that simply need a twist and lock action to replace.  Colour coded for easy identification, together with a swing arm action make removal a 5 minute job.

When height is not sufficient for premium model, this compact model only requires approx 10" and can sit on a bench or attached to side wall.  Using Omnipure inline cartridges, cartride maintenance can be a little fiddley first time. 

INSTALLATION FITTINGS  - All Puregold Undersink Reverse Osmosis units come complete with your choice of 5, 8 or 11 litre storage tank, all components to install under the sink including premium chrome ceramic disk faucet



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