Replacement Cartridges

Removes all Chlorine, Sediment, Giardia with some units removing Bacteria (tank water) as well as Copper.   CARBON WILL NOT REMOVE FLUORIDE.



Which model is best for me?

Your choice of water filter will depend on a couple of issues, including, new or older home,  quality of your water which will depend on where in Australia you reside, town or tank water. 

A contributing factor in water quality is the amount of minerals or total dissolved solids expressed as TDS ppm or parts per million .  The lower the TDS the better quality the water.  Melbourne with a TDS of 60 – 70ppm, Sydney 70 – 80, Brisbane 100 – 120ppm, Adelaide 350ppm, Perth 400 – 450ppm  Northern WA, NT and North Queensland can be very high tds.

Single Undersink – Recommended for single or small households.  Not recommended when sediment or old pipes are present as the heavy duty carbon filter would be required to remove both sediment and all chemicals and could block.

Twin Undersink – Includes sediment pre-filter and double filters the water.  Ideal for larger families when usage is considerable.

  • Does not clutter up valuable bench space – works efficiently, under the sink, out of the way
  • Requires minimum maintenance as not subjected to daily wear and tear
  • Separate water faucet – does not interrupt normal water use and may be swiveled out of the way when not in use.
  • Single and Twin models are available for maximum cartridge capacity.
  • Complete with inline, flexible hose or dishwasher connection.
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