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Replacement Cartridges

Water filter replacement cartridges need to be replaced regularly.  With carbon cartridges, the carbon will slowly be degraded by chorine and chemicals, which in turn  produces a bio film, which will settle on the cartridges, particularly on the end caps.  For this reason regular replacement is recommended.  With most cartridges, a yearly replacement is recommended, however in the case of sediment cartridges, if water has heavy sediment, these pre filters should be changed every 4 - 6 months to ensure your more expensive carbon cartridge continues to work effectively.  

For more information on cartridges and their properties please go to Water Filters

Puregold Water Filters incorporate the standard 10" cartridges into their systems.   This allows an interchange of cartridges, i.e. carbon to ceramic, if contaminant removal options change.

Puregold also distributes the Kwik Twist Easy Change model, which is a twist and lock bayonet style, designed for very easy DIY replacement.








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