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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective form of filtration removing all contaminants including 99% of Aluminum, Asbestos, Fluoride, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, Calcium, Sodium etc. Micro-organisms including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Viruses and Bacteria. Toxic metals and radioactive elements. Pesticides and Herbicides including DDT. minerals,

  • Stage one is a pre filter to remove any sediment, rust etc.
  • Stage two is a chlorine removal carbon filter as chlorine is detrimental to the cellulose reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Stage three is a Filmtec TFC (Thin Film Composite) ultra fine membrane that separates the water molecules producing pure water and waste water.
  • Stage 4 is a polishing carbon for taste with the option of replacing with our Alkaline or Remineralising option.
  • WASTE COMPONENT - in order to eliminate all minerals and other contaminants, a waste water is generated at Stage 3 when water is forced through the ultra fine membrane. There are two exits from the membrane, pure water when is then polished through the final filter, and the exit is to eliminate contaminants. This waste water is then discharged through a black tube which is normally connected to the undersink kitchen piping.

Available in both undersink model, as well as portable models, ideal for renters or consumers not wanting a permanent installation.is the most effective means of water purification and will effectively remove up to 99% of all contaminants.

Puregold have available a laundry model, when space is limited on the kitchen bench, as well as countertop and space saver models. Reverse osmosis water is a slow production with water passing through an ultra fine membrane to separate pure water from waste water. Water is produced at approx. 1 litre every 4 - 5 minutes and for this reason some form of water storage is required.  Whilst undersink models have their own storage tank, portable models require the use of a small storage container, which can be plastic/ glass bottles or fridge containers.

Puregold Reverse Osmosis also include a service or flushing mode, which allows the flushing of any buildup of removed minerals from the membrane to maintain purity.  This is included on all Puregold portable and undersink models, with the Kwik Twist Easy Change range, included as an optional extra.

PORTABLE MODELS  All Puregold models offer alkaline/remineralising or remineralising option as final filter to provide oxygen rich healthy water.

Ideal when there is limited space in the kitchen.  Can be installed either on a bench or attached to the wall by means of the stainless steel bracket.  Both standard and Kwik Twist Easy Change Models are available. 

The unit is connected to your cold water tap by means of a 3/4" adaptor which is installed between your washing machine hose and the tap.  A small stop valve is attached by means of a side port on the adaptor allowing you to turn water onto the purifier without interfering with your normal use.

The unit has two tubes existing the system, one for pure water and the other for waste water, which can be collected and used in the washing machine or discarded down the drain.

Both models come with optional alkaline and mineralising cartridge to ensure oxygen rich, remineralised water.

This compact unit suits on the kitchen bench and it attached to your mixing tax by means of a diverter, which replaces your current aerator. Complete with lever, the diverter stays connected to your faucet and when not diverting water to your unit, allows normal tap water to be accessed.

Your countertop reverse osmosis has two tubes exiting the unit, One is waste (black), which can be directed down the drain, or collected for use on the garden or used for washing.  The blue tube contains your pure water and should be stored in containers, either glass or plastic bottles  Water is then accessed from these storage containers. Production of pure water is approx. 1 litre every 4 - 5  minutes.  


This is the most convenient unit as it has its own storage tank and water is automatically produced as water is used. Installed into the water supply, water is accessed via a separate faucet on top of the bench. Water production is the same as with the portable, however the 8 or ll litre storage tank maintains sufficient supply for every day needs.

We offer a premium USA model as well as a DIY Easy Change range of undersink reverse osmosis.




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